The Colour Blind Test

The traditional colour blind test with a series of dots and numbers was created over a 150 years ago. The world has changed dramatically since then. The iRO test was created to meet the creative challenges of today and specifically address the challenges of RGB computer screens.

We use three distinct shapes. A Diamond, Cross and a Circle.

They are placed at random on the page.

There is no time limit, however you should make a decision within 3 to 4 seconds.

You will see a series of buttons.

Three are the shapes that may appear.

The last button "?" is if you do not see any shapes.

Select the button that indicates what you see.

At the end of the test you will receive your results.


You will move onto the Diagnostic test. You will discover if you are a mild or strong Protan or Deutan. At the present time there is nothing that can be done if you are a Tritan.

From there you can then go through the six lenses and choose a lens that best suits you. The differences between some of them are subtle, however through many years of testing and research we have found that there are six distinct lenses, one of which will suit you.