These are all actual statements by people who have purchased the iRo Lenses.

Hi my Name is Jarred
I am an 18 year old student I was having problems with my Science & Geography subject, only because I couldn't see the colours and was getting the colours confused!
Now the iRo Lenses have solved the problem. J.

I find I can use the web better, as I can now see all the colour , as some sites I would pass over because it was too confusing.
The world is a better ,brighter, place to be , I love it.

Tom (account trouble seeing colored spreadsheets)
For years I have been able to do my job as an account, however with the new account programs used these days things have been difficult , as the programs have colour codes. I have found that I can SEE all the different colours on the computer screen with the new iRo lenses , making my work so much easier.

The other things that are even more unreal  is the colours of the flowers , sunsets , Fireworks and sports cars.

Peter …….I can’t believe that for the past 57 years I have missed out on so much .The difference is amazing !

Peter came to see the Colourblind Sight Centres because he needed to pass the Ishihara’s Test, The new iRo lenses have achieved this and more …..he  just can’t believe that there is so many more colours.
For the first time Peter can choose his own cloths …. Shopping will be so much easier.

Michelle , Bens wife
I always new that one day my Husbands  colourblindness would be corrected he would get annoyed when choosing paint or the cloths he wears.  He is so happy and is amazed at how difference the word is, brighter place to be.

My wife has a rose garden and for the first time in 60 years I can now see the colours - just fantastic
Cheers Jeremy

"The iRO Pack helped me choose a lens. It worked perfectly and the lenses were better than I could have imagined." G. Müller

"I can see all the chips in the Casino" Samuel - Sales consultant.

'Never in my wildest dreams, I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! It’s like a miracle!' Ken - Sales Consultant

'I actually thought this was a scam... Putting the glasses on and actually seeing quality of the colour enhancement for the first time just blew me away. It really works!" Alistair - CPA

"I didn't really think it would work but my family encouraged me to try. I have to admit any bit of skepticism was swept away the minute I put the glasses on...” John – Lawyer

"Totally amazing, I could actually see all the colors on the Ishihara test". Simon - Carpenter

Contrary to traditional belief there is now a treatment for Colourblindness.


Colourblindness can not be cured, however with iRo Lenses it can be treated. There have been a number of treatments available for those with Colourblindness. Most have worked to a certain degree. After over 10 years of research optometrist Ian Rosser has developed a lens with world renown lens manufacturers with special coatings and tints that treat 99% of all those afflicted with Colourblindness.

Pass the Ishihara Test

iRo lenses are specifically designed to assist those who have difficulty in distinguishing certain colours, especially reds and greens. These people are often referred to as being "colourblind". The more accurate term is "colour confused", or what we have termed "iRochromatic".